How does it work?

Science behind the Glass:


STG (Switchable Transparent Glass) is comprising two sheets of glass glazed with a STF (Switchable Transparent Film) in between. The STF and the glass panes are laminated with two interlayer of EVA films.


STF (Switchable Transparent Film) is a light modulating material comprised of droplets of liquid crystal uniformly dispersed in a flexible transparent plastic film.The polymer and the liquid crystals are encapsulated in between the two faces of PET film coated with a layer of ITO which allows electricity to change the line up direction of the liquid crystals.


Mechanism in action:

Power off – visible light diffuse through randomly scattered liquid crystals in the STF and becomes translucent.Power on – visible light transmits through line up liquid crystals in the STF and becomes clear.

Product Specifications:

Materials :

STF (Switchable Transparent Film): Nano and optical components from U.S.A.
Glass Type : Annealed, Low-Iron Glass, Heat / Chemical Strengthened, Tempered,
Insulating Glass (IG)
Glass Color : Clear, Super White, Green, Blue, Bronze, Gray
Thickness : 9mm(4+4mm), 11mm(5+5mm), 13mm(6+6mm), 17mm(8+8mm)
Size : Max. 1,800 mm x 3,000 mm
Shape : Flat, Curve, with holes.

Core Features:

 1.   Max. size 1,800mm x 3,000mm (World Largest)
 2.   Driving voltage 48V AC compiles with FELV requirement of IEC 60364-7-701 (Ed 2.0).
 3.   Privacy effectiveness to 1cm.
 4.   Support High Definition projection, superior image quality.

Optical Properties :

Light Transmission : On – greater than 70%, Off – 45%
UV Blocking: greater than 98%
Viewing Angle : 120o+  
Privacy Effectiveness : 1cm
Life Time : 50,000 hrs (Glass On)
Electrical Properties :
Driving Voltage:  48V ± 10%
Power Consumption: 4 w / m2 
Responds Time : On – 100ms, Off – 10ms
Enviromental Requirements :
Storage : -20oC to 55oC (-4oF to 136oF) 
Operation : 0oC to 45oC (32oF to 113oF)